Vinyl Lettering

(coming soon) (sort of) (maybe)

Vinyl Application Tutorial

Vinyl Letter Prices

1.0 inch$0.30
1.5 inch$0.35
2.0 inch$0.40
2.5 inch$0.45
3.0 inch$0.50
4.0 inch$0.55
5.0 inch$0.65
6.0 inch$0.85
7.0 inch$1.15
8.0 inch$1.40
10.0 inch$2.00
12.0 inch$2.25
14.0 inch$4.00
16.0 inch$4.50
18.0 inch$5.25
20.0 inch$6.25
22.0 inch$7.25

$20 minimum order

Font List 


5-3-2008 — Unfortunately we have not had time to set up this product for public consumption. We’re swamped with other projects. We even ran ads in numerous Seattle publications offering to allow a motivated and professional person to come in to our shop and completely take over the sign-making side — they could keep 90% of the profit. We’d train from the ground up and they’d be making money within a week. They would pay ZERO upfront (zero EVER, actually, except to pay for materials used). Imagine: an entire vinyl sign-making business, complete with computers, cutters, wide-format UV printers, an existing stock of vinyl, completely at your disposal, and all you had to do was convince us you were reliable, professional, and motivated, and then SHOW UP, and it was yours. In about seven months of advertising in every Seattle publication online and in print, we received not a single reply. Not. A. Single. Reply. Consequently, this product will not be available for ordering until we can find the time to hook it into our cart system and do it ourselves. We regret that we just can’t say when that will be.