Tax Relief Book

Got Tax Blues?

Join the Club!

But Our Fearless
Leaders Have a Plan,
and it’s Revealed in
this New Government
Publication. Maybe.

Item Number — FB-09

This year’s tax burden hit many of us harder than expected. How can this be when the administration says it’s been reducing taxes to stimulate the economy? We’re not sure. But we do know our government has a plan, and here it is, in paperback edition.

Tax Releif and Economic Recovery

Tax Releif and Economic Recovery

Cover Graphics May Vary Slightly. Size is roughly 3.75 inches wide, and about 6.5 inches tall (like a regular paperback). Thickness is +- 5/8 inches.

This is a standard-size paperback book, professionally crafted.
All pages are BLANK.

If you want the BIGGEST laugh at your next political bull session, whip this baby out. You’ll be awarded the “Grand Poobah” for political incorrectness and Sahara-dry satirical humor.