Return Policy

Our return policy is simple: We do not accept returns.

Nearly all of our products are permanently personalized for the customer at the time they’re ordered. We certainly cannot resell your personalized product. We have occasionally had customers order personalized fake newspapers or fake newspaper posters which they used for a party of some type, then ask for a refund. If your personalized product contains a typo, we will gladly re-manufacture it correctly and ship it immediately. But the fact is, we almost never make mistakes. If we do, there’s no need to scream and curse and threaten us with lawsuits—simply ask politely for a replacement. But this policy is to be applied within reason. If you’re a spoiled-brat CEO and you’ve simply changed your mind after ordering $300 worth of custom gift-wrap, for instance, we will not replace your product unless you can demonstrate a real and documentable flaw that renders the product unusable. If you try to invent issues that don’t exist, we’ll simply cut you off. We average less than one mistake per year out of many thousands of orders. We are very good at what we do.

We sell a few products (e.g. fake pregnancy tests, fake medical kits, etc.) which are not and can not be personalized. Occasionally we’ll receive a request for a refund (about once every four or five years), the customer stating that they had intended to play a joke on their boyfriend but decided not to, or that their sister bought it for them and they would never use such a product. We’ll say we’re sorry, but that we have no way of knowing what the item has been subjected to, and we cannot ship it back out to another customer without dismantling and re-making the product. In that case, we’d be better off to simply throw the item away, and since we’d go broke throwing our products away, we elect not to do that.

This is a very simple concept: Please be sure you actually want something before you buy it. We sell around the world and this seems to be largely an American problem. We are in the business of selling products. We are not in the business of loaning products for free, nor are we in the business of sending free samples, nor are we in the business of satisfying the sometimes childish whims of some customers.

If you purchase a product from us and it is not flawed, you own it. We are not interested in buying it back.

We offer no returns or refunds. We will REPLACE your product instantly if we’ve made a mistake in its production.

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