Re-ship Order

Is Your Order Missing?

It may be sitting right here in our “UNCLAIMED” bin.

We receive orders almost every day that were sent out to precisely the address the customer used when ordering, but which were returned to us marked

“UNDELIVERABLE / UNCLAIMED” or “not at this address”

We hold these items for 15 days, then discard them.

To have your order re-shipped to a VALID ADDRESS please click the button below. During the checkout process you’ll be able to choose the shipping method you want (regular, fast, etc.). A $7.50 service charge will apply, over and above the cost of shipping.

In the future, please be sure to supply a correct and valid, up-to-date shipping address.

Thank you.

Be sure to use the SAME NAME you used on the original orderR


More About Unclaimed Orders

We receive a fairly large number of returned orders marked “undeliverable” or “unclaimed”. These are held for 15 days, then discarded, unopened. If you haven’t received your order please check the tracking system to see if it has been returned to us. If so, you may reclaim it simply by paying for shipping back to you at a valid address.

Items will be returned to us if unclaimed.

Orders are often returned to us due to insufficient address info, or marked “unclaimed”.