Quick Help

We’ve posted FAQs and “Common Errors” pages throughout this website. 
Please refer to them as needed.

But if you just need a quick grasp of how our site is set up and how to place an order, this page should do the trick.

Our ordering process is simple.

Start from our HOME PAGE and follow the links to select a product.

Each web page which features a customizable product, contains a personalization form, (usually at or near the bottom of the page).

Simply fill out the form and click “SUBMIT”. You’re taken to a confirmation page. Click CONTINUE –You’re then taken to the payment area.

The payment page may (or may not) contain more options, such as paper type or paper size, color, etc.. Please choose your options and proceed (Click the ORDER button to continue).

If you want to buy something else before checking out, click the “CONTINUE SHOPPING” button when it is available. Your first item will be held in your “shopping cart”. And you’ll then be taken back to our home page to continue shopping. You may place as many items as you wish in your shopping cart using this method.

When you have everything you need, choose “CHECK OUT” in the payment system. The Shopping Cart will securely collect your loot.

If you discover you’ve made an error in a form, do not (DO NOT!) email us with corrections. Instead, simply complete a new form (without, of course, going through the payment process again).

Your newest form submission will always be used when we process your order. Older forms will be ignored.

Sometimes customers submit forms but don’t complete the payment process. In these cases the form is held for about 60 minutes after it’s submitted, then it is automatically deleted. We’re never aware of forms which are not accompanied by payment. Also, occassionally kids will submit form after form after form—and at some point the system will recognize the problem and block the IP address from submitting more forms. In the worst case scenario your ISP may receive a complaint.

We’ve made our ordering process as smooth as it can be, considering the personalization options we offer. We continually strive to remove as much “thinking” as possible from the process. Still, a few customers may have trouble. You may always email us with questions about ordering.


Consider this:

We have a financial interest in “a national pizza chain”. That chain spends many hundreds of thousands of dollars on research, trying to make sure their products are easy to order. Their success rate is 81%. That means that 81% of their customers are able to order painlessly, without a glitch. That still leaves 19% who have trouble with the process, and no amount of money spent by this corporation can seem to reduce those numbers.

Our customers have no trouble ordering in 98.4% of cases. Only 1.6% of our customers have trouble ordering from this site. We hope your ordering experience falls within the happy majority.

Thank you,

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