Presidential Pardon

Bubba Pardoned Everyone Else.

Why Not You?

Remember That Time You Jay-Walked?

Sweep the Slate Clean with a

Presidential Pardon!

(This is the “original” version of this document. 
To see an alternate sample, go 

You’ll Receive Two (2) Identical Personalized Certificates

Note: Border color and/or design may differ slightly from sample

The seal in the lower right hand is 
embossed with raised lettering which says 
“President of the United States of Amurica” 
(actual spelling) as shown:

$16.95/2, ORDER CODE: C-84

We’ve seen many people use these as “consolation prizes” at events, and in “grab bags” at fund raisers.

groceries carry them in a display stand on the counter. Customers see them as they check out, and just gotta have a couple.

Now some folks might get the idea we don’t like President (ex) Clinton. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In point of fact, we have the greatest respect for the man, because he was, by far, THE most entertaining President we’ve ever had.

These certificates use the same text as appeared on the pardon granted to Marc Rich, shady character extraordinaire. We’ve altered the format of the Pardon to, well, frankly, make it a little more attractive and official looking. The original actually looks a little like a note from the Principal’s office.

You supply your name, and we insert it seamlessly into the document. Our certificates measure 8.5 x 11 inches. They’re worthy of being framed (frames not included).

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Printed with archivable inks
Certificate Number FC-84