Planetary Land Deed

Every couple of years some “service” comes along which offers to sell you an acre of the Moon, or to name a star after your girlfriend—whatever. These companies promise to record your “purchase” with some prestigious-sounding organization somewhere. We’ve seen the prices range from about $75 to over $500. We always wondered why folks fell for this, because there is not, and won’t be in your or our lifetimes, any agency which has exclusive or meaningful control over who names what after whom in outer space. Ten companies can charge to name the same star after ten different people—and none of it is “real”. So we thought, what the heck; all these people are really getting for their $75-$500 is a cheesy certificate which isn’t enforced or even recognized by any “real” agency anywhere. We decided to bypass the B.S. and offer a much nicer certificate, with a wider range of choices, for $16.95. This “Deed” isn’t recorded in any official office. And if you ever travel to Neptune you will NOT have the authority to kick some party-hardy slug-like Neptunian off “your” property. This is a gag gift, a novelty, a stocking-stuffer—every bit as “genuine” as the one your cousin back in New Jersey bought for $250.

All the World’s Great Fortunes
are Based on Real Estate

Begin Amassing Your Own Fortune

One Square Inch of Any Planet You Choose
(except earth)

Item Number — FC-38

Reverse-printed on “backlight film”, which is a kind of space-age-looking stuff. These certificates are gorgeous.

The outer finish is more glossy than glass, and just about indestructible. May be framed, or may be backlit for a truly special effect. Lower left features a pressure-embossed gold seal.

Extremely glossy, mirror-like finish

Roll and tie with a scrap of ribbon (ribbon not included!)

Backlight for a truly spectacular effect

Certificates are personalized at the end of the payment process;
specify “owner’s name”, name of planet, and date.

We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc..
FC-38, “One Square Inch of Land” generally ships within 1-2 days. 
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Certificates and Other Kinds of Things

$16.95 (one certificate)

Item Number — FC-38