Photo Re-Touching

(digital makeovers)

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What We Will (and won’t) Do

This service is open to men and women. 
Women order it at a ratio of about 100 to 1.

Email (or snail-mail) us any photo.
We’ll enhance, glamorize, and composite your 
portrait into the background or setting of your choice. Inquire

We’ll discuss your desires at length before beginning a project. You’ll need to be available by email almost continuously over a period of days or even a week or more, while the project develops, in order to submit your input into the process, and to “okay” various stages. 

Bad lighting can be corrected along with a host of other anomalies,
and we love doing “artificial aging” of portraits…

We can take ten, twenty, even thirty or more years off your face or body. And we love doing exotic backdrops. These projects constitute our relaxation, and we absolutely refuse to rush them. Prints may be purchased in any size up to 42 x 100 inches. Email your idea, and we’ll estimate a cost.

No idea is too crazy. And there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Probably.

What We Will (and won’t) Do
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How to Evaluate Your Own Photo
How to Evaluate Your Own Photo
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