Online Rude

General Rudeness, Snippety/Snooty/Snipes.

(Note: If you’ve ever worked in retail sales, you may skip this page!)

It’s commonly known across the Internet by Customer Service professionals that customers online tend to be far more snotty, snooty, snippety, mean-boned and sometimes downright vicious than they would ever dream of being in person.

There are many reasons for this. Among them:

(1) Customers tend to be “pre-stressed” when they’re online. Everyone is sick of glitches, crashes, the “blue screen of death” (a la Windows 3.*), hangs, flubs, disconnects—you name it. Being online and shopping online tends to make people jittery, and they tend to pass that irritability along to online merchants.

(2) People have come to almost expect to be ripped off by retailers, but especially by online retailers. That makes them suspicious. We share that sentiment, and we’ve taken more than a few unscrupulous online businesses to small claims court. There are some (a lot of) real crooks running online stores. But being snotty and insulting right from the get-go is the surest way to guarantee you’ll have a problem with the retailer. Give them a chance first.

(3) On-line customers feel somehow insulated against retribution for their sour, nasty attitudes. In real life, face to face, a customer might get slapped or worse for their outrageous, disrespectful behavior. But they figure that since they’re online and the retailer is a thousand miles away, they can act as badly as they want. They’re wrong.

Bottom line: We want you to be happy with your order. If you ever have a problem we will try to make things right for you. After all, we are all someone’s customers. We make excellent products, and we deliver them as quickly as is humanly possible. We tend to take it personally when insulted, and the company has given us permission to decide when enough abuse is enough. We’ll try to turn the other cheek when it comes to rudeness. But we only have two cheeks. We won’t hesitate to cancel a rude customer’s order and blacklist them forever. We don’t need abusive behavior, and we won’t tolerate it. No amount of money is worth it.

We find that our problems with rude, insulting, angry (usually illogical) customers begin about the first of September and peak in the weeks before and during Christmas, though it remains a problem throughout the year.

The employees of TrixiePixGraphics will not be the punching bags of spoiled brats.

NoteAbout once or twice a year we receive a nasty email from someone who has read this page and it has enraged them. They berate us for several paragraphs and then obnoxiously proclaim that they’ll do their shopping with our competitors. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank them.