Missing Orders

Has Your Order “Gone Missing”?
Chances are it hasn’t.

We ship all orders by a variety of carriers, depending on the situation, depending on the location of the customer, depending on the value of the shipment or even the type of package. If the carrier says your order was delivered, it was delivered. Please be very, very sure you haven’t received your order before firing off a nasty email which will only cause us, and you, time, grief and hard feelings. Check with your neighbors, ask your dog, grill your co-workers, ask your neighbor’s dog, maybe your kids took it to school, maybe your spouse or house cleaner threw it away… It IS around there somewhere. If we have proof of delivery, we will NOT send you a replacement for free simply because you cannot find your item. In one case involving a Realtor from Nashville, she actually tried to claim the carrier forged her signature on the delivery receipt and kept the item (a personalized newspaper) for himself. If the carrier loses or wrecks your order, it will do no good to email us a foul, nasty, insulting note berating us for the carrier’s mistakes. We are not the carrier. And we are not your punching bag. These carriers are sloppy, slow, incompetent and expensive. We hate them just as much as you do. All that’s required in the event of a missing or ruined order is a polite, non-hysterical, rational email to us explaining the problem in clear terms; we’ll reply quickly and advise you of your options. We maintain copies of all shipping labels; please do not accuse us of shipping to the wrong address when that’s not the case. We cannot recall ever having a serious problem with any order or any customer that was not related to a carrier’s mistake. Please understand that we can only address the package; we cannot hand-carry it to your door.

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