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Missing Child Flyers in BULK

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There is perhaps nothing in this realm of existence more terrifying or heart rending than to have a child go missing. Most parents have experienced this living nightmare if only for a moment at the fair or in a mall, or on rarer occasion for a few hours around the neighborhood. The pain is indescribable. No one who’s not felt it could begin to comprehend it. When a child goes missing, you need help — all the help you can get, be it from the neighborhood, the community, the town, city, county….and it’s imperative to get the word out as quickly as possible. Often, flyers are one of the best tools for making a community aware. There’s often no shortage of volunteers to post or hand out flyers, and the more that are circulated, the more volunteers are recruited.

We offer 1000 missing child flyers printed black on yellow to any family with a missing child.

To qualify, you must provide us with a case number on an open case, and the phone number of the precinct or law enforcement agency which issued the number. The child must be 10 or under and have no known history of running away. Once your case has been validated, we will immediately print and ship your flyers. The shipping’s on us; you’ll usually have them the following morning or afternoon, depending on the time of day we received your order. We offer this product to legitimate cases; cases of so-called “spousal abduction” are absolutely excluded from this offer (we have less than zero confidence in the courts’ abilities to choose one parent over another). This is for REAL emergencies, not for cases in which one parent’s lawyer was sleazier than the other.

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