Mini-CD Business Cards

Mini-CD Business Cards
High-end unusual & unique executive business cards

Mini-CD Business Cards (rectangular, not rounded).
Credit card sized, waterproof, includes printing
and data burning to CD (up to 30 megs).

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Got Class?
Or Rather…Do You Need CLASS?

Several years ago we began to see so-called “credit card” sized CDs like the one below (lower right).

When they first came out we thought they were way c-o-o-l. We thought that for a full 4.67 seconds. Everyone bought a few packs, most people burned a few out of those packs, and the rest……are still sitting in drawers around the world just waiting for someone to figure out what the hell to do with them. They were touted as “credit card” sized, but of course they really weren’t. And they were rounded on the ends as well — not “credit card like” at all. The only ones we ever saw required a paper label — an absolute no-no due to the fact that paper labels always come off (sooner or later) and mangles the guts of your disk drive, and they were irritating to print on, and the labels always ended up being set slightly off-center on the disk which made the CD drive vibrate with the often-resultant loss of data, etc. etc. etc. They weren’t even sweaty-hand resistant and smeared every time they were handled. What seemed so cool turned out to be not so cool, as is so often the case. We shelved all of ours. Want ’em? Of course not. Someday we’ll throw ’em away.

But then……they finally got it right and introduced a REAL credit-card sized CD (below, right). When we first saw these we were amazed, but we figured it would pass. It didn’t. We finally bought a pack and played with them, burned a few, printed some labels, and we were hooked.

We actually use these! They generally fit where a business card should fit whereas the old rounded discs didn’t fit anywhere. They’re printable — and WE made them waterproof. We can print far better images, text and logos on these, and they’ll still spin in every CD and DVD drive we have — even in our BlueRay drives.

They hold 30 megs of data, which is enough for all kinds of stuff, including Powerpoint presentations, photo-albums, around 100 books, music, 10-20 minutes of video.

A minister-customer put a complete HTML Bible on his, with about 29 megs leftover.

Realtors put their hot properties on them.

Corporations burn them with product demos.

Politicians, a video speech.

Authors, their books.

High-end employees use them for high-end resumes.

Aspiring artists and writers submit artwork and novels to publishers.

Expensive call-girls use them for — well….

Autobody shops highlight their repairs.

Tattoo artists can burn hundreds of work samples.

Veterinarians can document pet care tips and techniques.

Attorneys often use the CD data capabilities to feature sex tapes of their mistresses, transcripts of cases in which they’ve screwed their clients and subverted truths to set guilty people free, or to include wall-sized pictures of their asses or colostomy bags.

Actors and actresses can simply hand this card to an agent or producer knowing the script, audition or read will get watched, read or heard (how can anyone NOT be tempted to run this CD to see what’s on it?!).

Rockers can hand out free copies of their latest songs to DJ’s (about 5 very good quality MP3s will fit).

Animal breeders can offer photo albums of their critters and awards.

We place samples of our videos on them and send them out with certain types of orders.

Restaurants can put their entire menus on these along with some dinner music and a bit about their roots.

A store like Best Buy or Home Labyrinth could place their ENTIRE inventory on this CD, in searchable database format.

The Mustang Ranch could have used them to highlight its wares.

Trucking companies could disseminate their rates.

Any webmaster could burn a complete, browsable website on these (we do!).

Programmers could include scripts, snippets, or complete programs.

International companies could burn product descriptions in a number of languages.

Movie producers, trailers.

Chefs and recipes go hand in hand.

Horse trainers can showcase their ponies.

This product is just plain FUN.

In short, we’re absolutely in love with these. We stumbled across them while looking for a laser engraver for our flexographic newspaper plates. The lasers produce great aluminum business cards…..but without color, and without the means to offer all of the above. And at a much higher price. We think these are the cat’s freaking meow, and we wouldn’t be surprised to someday see that these or some newer Jetson’s version have completely usurped the standard business card altogether. THESE get SAVED (and shown off and passed around and ogled and fawned over). We just can’t say enough about them. This product offers more interesting possibilities than almost anything else we offer.

So, how do you get these cards?

We need two things from you:

(1) Your artwork (to be printed on the face of the cards) 
(2) Your digital file (to be burned to the data side of the cards)

Regarding artwork, we’re not going to use an “online business card generator” for these because the design must work around the hole in the center. We’re not impressed with “online business card generators” as a species anyway, even though we use one for our regular cardstock business card offering. The actual dimensions of these cards are exactly 85mm by 58mm. All of that area is printable, but please leave a margin of no-text or graphics of at least 2mm. You can do a “full bleed” of your background clear out to the max dimentions of the card. The spindle hole itself is 15mm, but please leave 18mm unprinted (see template, below). Does all this sound like gobble-de-gook? Just download the template (below) and use the layout or graphics program of your choice to arrange your cards however you like.

Here’s a small, lo-rez version of what the template looks like:


To use the template, open it in the layout or graphics program of your choice, re-save it in a lossless format (like .psd, .tif, etc.), then arrange your text and graphics as desired over the image. Finally, save your file as a .jpg at the highest quality setting, and submit it in the form below. The form will ONLY accept the jpg format. You should continue to save in a lossless format as you work, and only save as a jpg on the very last save. Do not routinely alter, then save, then alter and save ANY work in the jpg format. Jpg should only be used for the very last save of any graphic image. Do not change the resolution of the template (currently set to 300 dpi) unless you know what you’re doing. The form will accept any file size up to 10 megs. Remember, the larger the file size, the longer it will take the form to upload it. Be patient. 


Regarding the digital file to be burned to the CD, it’s entirely up to you. We’ll never open your file(s), never read your texts, never view your images or videos. Our production line just burns the data you supply us. The max total of the data to burn to the CD must not exceed 30 megs, and it must be submitted in .iso format. What the heck is that? It’s just a format that takes any and all files, directories or whatnot that you want burned onto your CD, and sort of encapsulates them all into one single file which will have the extension of .iso. For instance: MY STUFF.ISO. The .iso format preserves all directory structures, file placements, startup programs, etc. and keeps it all together in one file, so you don’t have to send us many different files. You can set a presentation to start when the CD is inserted into the client’s drive, or to wait for input — however you want it. It’s up to you to prepare your own data in any way you wish, up to 30 megs in size, then save the entire layout in the .iso format using any of about a hundred different free or very inexpensive programs that create .iso files from a collection of other files. Go HERE if you need such a program (opens new window), and do a search for “create ISO”. Two examples: “PowerISO” and “MagicISO” are two old standbys. Sending us your data in .iso format assures that it all gets burned to CD exactly as you have laid it out. It’s easier to handle a bunch of files in this way– like putting Halloween candy in a bag instead of dealing with a hundred different pieces.

Remember, the larger the file size, the longer it will take the form to upload it. 30 megs is the limit for your ISO data file. Be (very) patient. At cable broadband speeds, the upload of 30 megs could take 15 minutes. At dial-up speeds, you’re talking hours. At DSL speeds, probably close to an hour. Most browsers will show you a progress bar near the bottom of the screen. It’ll move slowly if the file size is large. Remember that when the upload is done and the form has been submitted (you’ll see a new screen when this happens), you’ll have to be present at your computer to click the big CONTINUE button that will take you on to the shopping cart and payment areas.

Once we’ve received your order we’ll burn a master of your submitted .iso, then run it through our duplicators, then finally print the labels, waterproof them, and ship them out. And you’ll have a blast handing them out to your most valued clients, friends, patients, customers and prospective employers.

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Remember that submitting this form may take from just a moment to an hour or more, depending on the size of the files you’ve attached, and the speed of your connection. Please be EXTREMELY patient when submitting for this particular product!

$69 / 1st 10 cards — $2.99 / card in ten-card blocks