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Unfortunately, we’ve learned over the years that when we traded links with other sites, here’s what happened: We’d post their link, and they’d post ours. All was well. But periodically, maybe once a year, we’d verify that our link still appeared on the other site. In 8 cases out of 10, it was missing. We’d email the site and inquire; we’d receive no reply. We’d email again and give them so many days to repair our link or have theirs removed from our site; again we’d receive no reply. So we removed their link. This page used to display hundreds of links. Now, through attrition, it displays a handful. One by one we expect even some of these remaining links to be purged as well, when it’s discovered that the partner site no longer displays our link. Link-building is what the Internet is ABOUT. It’s unfortunate that the majority of companies on the Net these days don’t understand this simple concept of give and take. They’re good at TAKING — damned poor at the giving half of the bargain. Please do NOT ask us to trade links. Homey don’t do dat no mo’. Mostly…