Hans blix mass destruction

Hans Blix
Weapons Inspector

Item Number — FB-07

This guy seems to love the media attention; he acts as though
Saddam is his bud; he seems to arrange the wording of his
weapons inspection reports to glorify the smallest concessions
by Iraq while glossing over their huge and glaring omissions–
What the heck is up with this guy? Whose side is he on? 

Cover Graphics May Vary Slightly. Size is roughly 3.75 inches wide, and about
6.5 inches tall (like a regular paperback). Thickness is +- 5/8 inches.

This is a standard-size paperback book, professionally crafted.
All pages are BLANK. Only the cover graphic is shown above. 
Go HERE to see an example of a finished book.

Update 10-2004:

Guess what—
There are no stockpiles of WMD in Iraq.
Hans Blix has been vindicated!

This Product No Longer Available!