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Title Item Number — BKB-05 

This is a customizable version of our blank books.

When you click the “Order” button, you’ll be taken to a secure server which will process your shipping information and take your loot. Then you’ll automatically go to a form where you’ll type in the title of your choosing, the author, and where you can also include any image you want us to use on the cover.

We’ll then arrange all your stuff, make the picture and text look good, and manufacture the book. They are about 350 pages thick. All of our “blank book series” are softcovers and can not be distinguished from publishing house trade paperbacks.

Cover Graphics May Vary Slightly. Size is roughly 3.75 inches wide, and about 6.5 inches tall (like a regular paperback). About 300 pages.

This is a standard-size paperback book, professionally crafted.
All pages are BLANK. Only the cover graphic is shown above. 
Go HERE to see an example of a finished book. 
You may create ANY title.

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Item Number — BKB-05

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