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The majority of these fake pregnancy products go to forty-something women who want to have some fun with their husbands (or neighbors, co-workers, etc.). But we see some of these being used for “other” purposes as well:

CAUTION: This item has the potential to be used irresponsibly. By completing and submitting the form below, you agree not to use this product for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, fraudulent or hurtful to others. Like almost any item in existence, this product may be used for fun or for evil, depending solely on the intentions of the user. It is designed as a novelty/gag device. Be sure your “mark” has a sense of humor before unleashing this product upon them!We again urge CAUTION when using gags which have the potential of causing emotional harm (as almost any gag or practical joke does). KNOW YOUR VICTIM. Many people will not find this issue humorous in the slightest. Be sure your “mark” has an “evolved” sense of humor.

NOTICE: We’re aware of a number of mothers (even a few sex-ed teachers) who are using these documents (fake pregnancy papers), and even our fake ultrasounds and fake pregnancy tests, as a means to scare their minor daughters (or students). The reasoning seems to be that some mothers want to shock their daughters into being careful about pregnancy. While the result, if it works, may be a noble one, we question the means to achieve it. If you take your 15, 16, 17 year-old daughter to the doctor for some routine piece of maintenance, then a few days later present her with a document which, to her, looks completely real, and it convinces her she’s pregnant, the trauma you inflict may be more than you bargained for — and more than she deserves. Try to imagine the blunt shock force of such a pronouncement. We don’t begin to presume to tell a parent how best to raise their child, and we aren’t going to make the statement that we believe this particular shock therapy to be completely without merit — indeed, the shock of REALLY learning that you’re REALLY pregnant at age 15 will be far more brutal than this. But please, parents (and teachers and school nurses), we’re just urging you to think this through before springing it upon your child who, you fear, may be headed into a life of severe responsibility far sooner than she’s equipped to deal with it. Please use this product with extreme caution, no matter your intended use.

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