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Remember when your sister ratted you out last year?
Get even.
Leave one of these babies lying around where Mom will find it.
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True-Love Test?

The item on this page and others (Fake Pregnancy tests, Fake DNA tests, Fake Pregnancy Bellies, Fake Ultrasounds and Fake Pregnancy Documents) are sometimes being used in a way that may possibly backfire on the user. We’ve been aware of this use for some time, and we’ve been unsure how we felt about it, or how to address it. It is, simply, the use of these fake pregnancy products by women to “test” their boyfriends, husbands, significant others, to see if they truly love them. The idea is that if a significant other gets the news of a surprise pregnancy sprung upon them, they’ll either embrace it, or flee, and the option they choose will dictate whether or not they “truly love” the woman perpetrating the ruse. This is very dangerous stuff. In the first place, any initial reaction by the guy may be a knee-jerk reaction. It may not reflect what he really feels. Sure, even if he comes back the next day and begs forgiveness and vows his undying support, you can still argue that he was a scumbag for even having entertained the notion of bolting, and perhaps you’d be right. Or perhaps not.

The human heart is a very complicated thing. None of us has complete control over it; none of us knows FOR SURE what lies in ours. While the use of these products as a test of true love may have “some” benefit in discovering what’s really in your mate’s heart, the use of these products for that purpose should be discouraged, because the initial reaction may not be the truest reaction. While we do believe in the morality of using “little tests”, usually psychological tests, to find out what’s in a person’s heart, this particular method of testing for true love may be like using a hammer to cave in a skull when a gentle tap on the shoulder would have sufficed.

We urge extreme caution with these products. Think before you buy. Think again before you spring your trap. Be absolutely sure you WANT to know what’s in your mate’s heart. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

Dead Baby “Humor” 
What IS Poor Taste?

There’s a fine line between what can potentially be considered humorous, and what can never be considered humorous. But there IS a line. Requests like the following will cause you to be blocked from viewing our site, let alone ordering from us. Some people feel that ANYTHING can be funny in the right context. We’re pretty liberal (not politically) in our views regarding humor. For instance we thought the “nappy-headed ho” comment by Imus was hilarious — deserving of a profound apology, but still hilarious. With regard to the following, however, it crosses our line by a couple of lightyears. Please don’t send us crap like this. Save it for Jerry Springer, or your psychiatrist. We’ve grudgingly removed the identifying data. We receive several similar requests per week:

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The following information was submitted on 
04-23-2007 17:23:43 from 75.104. 40.XX:

First Name: e—–
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Message Area:
Hello i wanted to know if you have any miscarriage pranks if not is there
a way you can help me make one up for me? I want a joke saying my baby was
a stillborn and died. can you help me with this prank? please respond
quickly please!