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Create your own cover:

The final trimmed size of our front covers is approx. 8.1″ by 10.5 inches.

To design and supply your own whole cover, the viewable portion of your image must be within these dimension. Please add a 1″ border on all sides, some of which may print.

Your cover should be designed in the program of your choice (Adobe Photoshop recommended), then saved as a .jpg image using no compression. Save your work as a jpg only once. If you need to make changes to your image, make the changes to the original file (a .psd if using Photoshop), then save a new version of the .jpg. Never re-save a .jpg. Doing so will cost you quality every time you save, even when using no compression. Do NOT attempt to send us images in .psd, .bmp, .gif, .tif, or any other non-compressed format. The file sizes will be prohibitively large.

Your image should have a resolution (at print size) of absolutely no less than 100 dpi. 150 dpi is strongly recommended. 300 dpi is best.

If you supply a plain photo, with no text, which is smaller than the whole cover, we’ll slip your image layer underneath the text that shows on our default cover, and we’ll arrange the text blocks appropriately so that, for instance, a character in the title doesn’t obscure some important part of your picture.

If you supply a cover image which is full size and which displays its own title and other text, we’ll use that in place of our stock cover layout. Only your image will print—nothing of ours will show.


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Sample of “customer-supplied” covers