Book List

The Weirdest Gifts in the World

Stock Fake Books (Cannot be Altered)
FB-01     Everything I Know by George Bush
FB-02     Everything I Know by Saddam Hussein
FB-03     Everything I Know by George Bush
FB-04     Everything I Know by John Ashcroft
FB-05     Good Deeds of Saddam Hussein
FB-06     Compendium of Positive Achievements of Saddam Hussein
FB-07     Hans Blix, Weapons Inspector
FB-08     Bush: Everything I Know About Failure
FB-09     US Gov Publication: Tax Relief & Economic Recovery
FB-12     Bill Clinton — My Life — Finally in Paperback

Personalized Fake Books (May be Altered)
BKB-01   Hardcover Bookbinding Service (you print)
BKB-02   Personalized Blank Softcover Book (“Everything I Know” Series)
BKB-04   Hardcover Bookbinding Service (we print)
BKB-05   Personalized Blank Softcover Book (any title)
FB-09   Really (really) TOTALLY Blank Book (make your own cover)
SOSB   Sands of Sedona — Personalized Western Novel
FB-11   Fake Dictionary — Fake Dictionaries — Personalized Dictionaries


Everything I Know About Free Enterprize, by Barack Obama