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Seattle UFO Pictures

Is everything blue? Well then WHY is everything blue? Because sometimes there's not enough light to fully snap the camera out of its nighttime mode. The blue will persist until there's a moment of enough light to force the cam to change to daylight operation. Ocassionally there won't be enough light during an entire day to accomplish that. Thanks again, Logitech.

This cam faces SE from the top of Crown Hill in Seattle. The Space Needle can be seen in the winter at about 330 degrees relative. Elliot Bay is at about 20 degrees relative. The predominant weather maker in the Pacific will shove storms into us from just about zero degrees relative. In summer, much of the weather comes in from almost directly behind the camera. If Seattle ever gets nuked, you'll be the first to know, as the downtown core is at about zero degrees relative to the camera, just barely below the trees -- distance 7 miles to city center. Seattle gets roughly 25% less rain than New York City.

NOTE: Due to burglary attempts we no longer publish the address of the webcam.


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