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Personalized Fake and Joke Newspapers and Personalized Newspapers and Personalized Headlines for Gags and Gifts, Birthdays, Movies and Plays, Advertising, Publicity Stunts, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Stag Parties, Corporate Recognition, Awards, Thank You's, Revenge, Make a Point, Birth and Death Announcements, Wedding and Marriage Announcements, Practical Jokes, Cerebral Terrorism, Personalized Birthday Gags, Gifts. Fake Newspapers available in Small (pocket clipping) size, Full single page, Whole newspaper, Giant Poster, and Tabloid (by special request)



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Pending Titles 
(to be recovered from 1983 CP/M archives)


If there's anything on this list you feel you can't live without, let us know, and we'll pull it to the top of the list and make it available to you. 

Person/Couple Wins Round the World Cruise
Person Wins $840,000 on Horse at the Track
Person Featured in Guinness Book for ______
Chess tournament winner
Person Wins $10,000 in free groceries at local market
Announcing person's release from prison
Person sent to prison for murder
Man/Woman of the year (America)
Man/Woman featured in Jerry Springer appearance (we like this one!)
Person found to be world's smartest computer genius
Record bag of deer/any animal
Survivor of bear attack
Lost in wilderness---survived---didn't
Most cats (owner of)
Shot in butt by own gun
Wanted for ___________
Nazi war criminal
Leads two or three lives, wives, children, etc.
Bank robber sought
Bank robber caught and killed in shootout
Highest IQ
Lowest IQ
Police request help from person to solve crime
Psychic: baffles all scientists with accuracy
CIA member retires
Most helpful employee of the year
Least helpful employee of the year
Most irritating person of the year
Biggest hemorrhoid on record
Anti-Christ identified by Catholic Church (it's you/your neighbor/your sister, etc.)
Most faithful spouse
Most unfaithful spouse
Man/woman has tail--lived with embarrassment for years---genetic curiosity
Police find home infested with rodents, man/woman sleeps with them
Meanest person on earth/US/North America
Cheapest person on earth/US/whatever
Weird birth defect discovered
Smallest penis (G-Rated, of course)
Smallest breasts (G-Rated, of course)
Largest breasts (G-Rated, of course)
Local man/woman featured on Jerry Springer Show
Public announcement of gay/hetero status (you choose)
Person born without genitals (G-Rated, of course)
Person born without brain
Person gives birth to cat/frog/colt/ferret
Person morphing into cat/dog/ferret as they age
Falls overboard, swims eighteen miles through shark infested---
Local man Knighted by Queen
Sought by foreign country as spy
Sought by CIA
Massive manhunt for---
Call police if you see---
Famous cat burglar sought/caught
Man to sail to china on 4 foot raft.
Man/woman goes crazy, kills eleven co-workers with UZI
Man loses penis in freak shark attack
Man becomes woman/woman becomes man, etc.  (G-Rated, of course)
World's Largest Tongue
Wedding/Marriage Announcement
Busted for making anatomically correct Barbie dolls


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