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Question and Answer Archives #1 (10-17-2007 to 6-13-2008)



TrixiePixieGraphics Public Support Forum

csGuest by
Customer Service
Post Message Customer Service :: 1564 Entries - Page 1 of 32 Bold Entries new since last visit.
Date: 10.21.2014
Author: Amanda Carr


We have a strict policy regarding the use and intended purpose of any product we sell. All of our products are for entertainment purposes only. Regarding customer information, it is illegal to disclose or disseminate any customer information to anyone other than the customer. We do however; fully cooperate with law enforcement officials with the use of subpoenas. It is our priority to help law enforcement in any way we can.

This concludes any details we can provide on this matter.

Thank You.

Acme Novelties LLC


We have a situation where your website was used to fake a pregnancy with two ultrasounds that were purchased within the last month to two months. The supposed mother then faked losing the 16 week fetus. A mother purchased these ultrasounds for her minor child. Charges are being filed because an actual doctors name and facility were used to create the ultrasound. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. Could you please email me or call at any time and advise me of your protocol in this situation. We are looking to trace the purchase to the mother of the minor. Thank you
Date: 10.21.2014
Author: cnote

Hello, the email copies get emailed out once your order is made. if you can't find it then contact us through your customer account so we can try to resend it to a different email, you may also want to check your spam and tracy folders. the mail copy can take up to 7 days to get to you but its completely depending on what mailing option you choose.


How long does it take to recieve the email copy and the mail order? Usually
Date: 10.20.2014
Author: curious!

Hello, yes it is an actual number.


I was wondering if the gestational age is an actual number? Trying to prank my sister and she has kids already dont want to luck crazy!!
Date: 10.20.2014
Author: Stxvipr

Hello, Your order is complete and we emailed it out. Have you checked you trash and spam folders? Do you have another email address we can resend it to? Also, please do not use Yahoo email, as they block images in emails. Let us know if you still cannot find your order. Thanks for writing in!


How long will it be before I get my emailed ultrasound! Order #25844
Date: 10.16.2014
Author: Ragan

Reply: Hello, The only thing that will say fakeababy on it is the packing slip inside the package, if you would like to leave the packing slip out you can request that on the notes you leave on your order


When you order anything will it have "fake a baby" on it anywhere?
Date: 10.14.2014
Author: curious!

Reply: It is on the very bottom and very top of the ultrasounds not directly on them. it isn't too big… just a little shorter then the paper.


Where is for entertainment purposes on printed on the ultrasound and how big is it?
Date: 10.13.2014
Author: Kiana

Reply: Hello,
No, It won't have anything on the package that says


When the package or envelope ffor the ultrasounf does come what type of packaging does itcome in hopefully it ddoesn't say fakeababy? That's ttoo obvious.
Date: 10.9.2014
Author: Shamethia

Reply:Hello, Your order is complete and we emailed it out. Have you checked you trash and spam folders? Do you have another email address we can resend it to? Also, please do not use Yahoo email, as they block images in emails. Let us know if you still cannot find your order. Thanks for writing in!


Can I get an ETA of when my order will be completed? There is no shipping involved. Pictures are supposed to be e-mailed to me

Thank you
Date: 10.5.2014
Author: Patrice

No, We only send out the orders. Nothing else.


Hello, will there be any mail other than the picture sent to my address because i do not want that. The only thing i want sent to my address is my order. No newsletters, no receipts, nothing!
Date: 10.5.2014
Author: melonie

Reply: Hello,
No, It won't have anything on the package that says


Hello, i am trying to make a point to my brother how easy it is to fake a pregnacy test so i decided to order one. my question is, when it is mailed to you does it say fake sonogram or anything of the sort? incase he gets the mail i dont want it to blow my spot.
Date: 10.4.2014
Author: Joy

Reply: Hello, We have the option in 2D of 7-8 Week twins.


I'm wanting to know if I can make an order for an 2D ultrasound of twins in the first trimester , around 7 weeks
Date: 10.3.2014
Author: Passion

Reply: Hello, Please email us with your correct email so we can try to resend the order to you.


Hi I just made a purchase and notice it was an error in the email I provided and paid for my documents to be emailed to me is there a way I can correct it?
Date: 10.1.2014
Author: AnaLisa

Reply: Your order has shipped, however you selected free shipping. That option does not have tracking information. Don't worry, your order is on the way! Thank you for writing in!


I know it is probably too early to know when I will receive my gag gift, but I was wondering when I should expect it.
Date: 9.30.2014
Author: Chris

Hello, Your order is complete and we emailed it out. Have you checked you trash and spam folders? Do you have another email address we can resend it to? Also, please do not use Yahoo email, as they block images in emails. Let us know if you still cannot find your order. Thanks for writing in!


i placed an order and checked out as a guest. I chose the email only option and I have not received the email confirmation or the document. What do I need to do? My card has been charged.
Date: 9.27.2014
Author: Alisha Segmiller

Hello, Your order is complete and we emailed it out. Have you checked you trash and spam folders? Do you have another email address we can resend it to? Also, please do not use Yahoo email, as they block images in emails. Let us know if you still cannot find your order. Thanks for writing in!


I have not received that paperwork I have paid for nor do not understand why I have not received it yet. I would like my money back
Date: 9.23.2014
Author: Sandra

Fake a baby is not printed anywhere on our ultra sounds. They do have for entertainment purposes printed on them, we legally have to put that there.


Hello i purchased the fake pregnancy documents and was pleased. I am now looking to purchase the 3D ultrasound sonogram, but my question to you is if anywhere on the paper it says or for entertainment purposes only?On the pregnancy documents i had e-mailed to me they had for entertainment purposes only. Just wanted to make sure the sonogram did not, to make it more believable. Let me know, thanks! I appreciate your pranks. :)
Date: 9.20.2014
Author: michele

Reply: Hello, We do have the email only copy for 9.99 which is cheaper, if you order that you don't get the option to have to Dr name or date on the ultra sound which is why its so much cheaper, however if you wish to personalize it more you can place an order for any other ultra sound and when you get to shipping options we provide the option for email copy only.


If I order an Internet copy only of a sonogram what date and Dr name will be on it. I can only change my name on it. So I am curious as to what the rest will say. Also why is shipping to Canada 50.00 I was going to buy a few products until I went to cash out and seen the shipping rate. Now I don't plan on making that purchase
Date: 9.18.2014
Author: earnesia

Fake a baby is not printed anywhere on our ultra sounds.


Before I made an order I wanted to make sure the bottom of the sonogram didn't say fake a baby.That would defeat the purpose of the whole joke.
Date: 9.16.2014
Author: c

Reply: Hello,
If you would like you can email your full name to our email we will look up the order for you and get back to you, remember though if you selected free shipping that option does not come with tracking information.


I made a purchase as a guest yesterday and did not get my tracking number. I had a account made but i forgot because it said my email was intuse so i used my back up email but it wasnt correct . What should i do
Date: 9.16.2014
Author: Curious

Reply: Hello,
We were able to look up your order, Please email us at and we will change the email for you and resend the conformation.


I do not have my order details and my email was wrong i need to update my email to the one on this form
Date: 9.15.2014
Author: Alexis


We checked the error on our end. It says your street address and zip do not match. We cannot help you. Sorry.

I've been trying to place an order for the last like week . My account has been charged & credited back EVERY time . When I place the order it says that the billing address doesn't match BUT IT DOES , I even called my bank & they said it's the merchant . I need someone to call me so I can order over the phone or something . Thanks
Date: 9.15.2014
Author: Lisa

We just resent it if you still do not get anything the that you entered may be wrong please let us know, but also remember that sometimes emails take a little while to get to you.


I placed an order for documents to be emailed only and I haven't received the email confirmation with my order details. Unfortunately, I didn't save my order number either. I have checked spam and junk folders so I know it's not there.
My cc has been charged already. Can you please resend and confirm the email. It should be just as stated above.
Date: 9.13.2014
Author: Nina

Sorry to hear you were unhappy with your product, This is what we have as to what you ordered.

1 x 2D Fake Ultrasound Sonogram Personalized
Which Version?: 2D Ultrasound 11-12 Weeks
Paper Type?: Normal Glossy
Paper Size?: 3 Copies 5 X 7 Photo Size
Physician or Nurse's Name: Dr. S. Ferguson
Patient's Name: **********
Fake Patient Number: 7825014
Hospital or Clinic Name: Woman awareness care
Date Ultrasound was Performed: 6/24/ 2024
Gender of Fetus:: Leave Blank
Father's Name::

We put exactly what was ordered on the ultra sounds as they are made.

We have double checked your new order and it will be twins. however if you look up your last order it does not say twins.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. as stated in our terms of service--" If you make an error on your personalization form, we cannot refund or accept a return. You must be careful and sure of what you type on your forms. We DO NOT replace orders if you make an error. "


I placed the order for ultrasound for Twins but that was not what I received and the year was wrong on there , supposed to be 2014 please help what should I do to get the right order???? Thanks in advance😒
Date: 9.11.2014
Author: lindsay

Hello, Sorry to hear your having issues, we haven't had any issues with other customers getting orders in. maybe you could try a different browser or computer?


I'm trying to place an order, and it Kris telling me there is something wrong whenever I try to hit submit to purchase the item. You have no number to call to assist me, so if someone could email or call me that'd be wonderful. Thank you.
Date: 9.11.2014
Author: Brooklyn

Reply: Hello,

We only show that you ordered one, no need to worry.

it ordered 3 i only Need 1 PLEASE DO SOMETHING
Date: 9.10.2014
Author: curious


Please contact through your customer account. Thx!

I received my order today but actually ordered the 7 -8 week twins. Same info, but the twins instead. Can I return these for the twin one? Because this one isn't going to help my " joke."
Date: 9.10.2014
Author: Kala

The awaiting fulfillment status simply means that your order hasn't been processed yet. it doesn't mean your order didn't go through it just means it hasn't been made or shipped yet.

I paid for my order on September 9th with my card but it says that it's waiting for fulfillment. What does that mean? I had money on my card so it went through and when I checked my balance on my card the money for that order was taken out of my account but in my email it also says that I didn't place my order when I did.
Date: 9.8.2014
Author: Patty


You are ordering from our old website. Please go to to order. Thanks!

Hi again, I posted a question on 8.18 about the shopping cart not working. It's still not working for me. I've tried 4 different browsers and 2 different computers. Every time, when I try to check out, I get an error message saying the shopping cart is temporarily out of service. I'm trying to purchase a giant crossword. Do you have any other ideas as to what could be wrong? Or what I can do to make it work?
Thank you,
Date: 9.7.2014
Author: allie

We just added that option to our shipment options sorry for the late reply.


I want to place an order of the personalized ultrasound but want it to be emailed rather then shipped. How would i go about this? Thank you
Date: 9.7.2014
Author: curious

Reply: No need to worry the package will not say fakeababy anywhere on it!


The package that is signed for or delivered is it an unmarked package or does it say senders information on the package?
Date: 9.2.2014
Author: Tierney oconnell

Sorry for the late response, Our tracking information says your package was delivered on the 27th, Could you please check at the post office to see if it is there? or see if it was delivered to a neighbors address?

I have not receive d my order yet by mail. Can you ease make sure it arrives.
Order #22952
Tierney oconnell
Date: 9.1.2014
Author: Graycie


Yes we can do that. We need a statement from you that you own the images and there is a custom charge of 79.95.


Before I order several items I just want to ask if I can send you pictures of babies that actually look like my fiancé and I other than any random ultrasound that looks nothing like us at all? I'm hoping I can so that I may order at least five different orders! Hope to get an answer soon guys... Thanks
Date: 8.27.2014
Author: Olive

We did get your message and yes you will be getting the email copy.


Hi I placed my order # 23106
All I want is the email part but wanted it customised so I paid for the paper copy also but I was not charged the extra 4.95 could you please confirm I will receive the email
Many thanks
Date: 8.27.2014
Author: Kaf brown

We only offer the 7-8wk and 11-12 week in the express email. If you want to twins one emailed to you you'll have to order it and select to have an email copy sent.


Hi can I get a scan picture of twins email only ?
Date: 8.26.2014
Author: Adam

Yes we can!


Can you print an article in Russian language ?
Date: 8.26.2014
Author: Rocki Alt

Reply: Hello,
Sorry the shipping options for baby bellys is messed up we just noticed, we will be fixing it soon, until then we can definitely ship it overnight just put it in the comments that you would like either priority or express and we will let you know how much of an extra charge it will be and then you can decide which one you'd like.

Hello, I really need to get a belly shipped overnight. I am not seeing this option when I go to purchase the belly, but on another section of your website I see that it is available. Please let me know ASAP if I can get this shipped overnight.
Date: 8.25.2014
Author: Riley

it will not say fakeababy on your credit card statement.


What information shows on my credit card information when I submit my order. Does it say on my credit card statement? Thank you
Date: 8.25.2014
Author: Alana

The baby bumps are available for express mail it CAN take up to 3 days but it will most likely me sooner, It just depends on how fast we can get to your order, and if you order it later it the day it will probably take longer due to mail drop off times.



Hello, are the bumps available to be sent via express/overnight?
Date: 8.24.2014
Author: Sasanna Strozier

Reply: Hello,
The giant checks come in the triangle boxes they are not folded up but they are in a loose roll.


I placed an order on 6/18 for a Blank Giant Check. When I got the package from you it was in a triangle box. This is not what I ordered. I did not open the box and put return to sender. I am still waiting to see a credit on my CC. Thank you so much.
Date: 8.22.2014
Author: Shari

Reply: Hello,
it will depend on what mail option you choose if you select express or priority it will come in the envelopes that the post office provides for those, otherwise it will either come in a orange or white envelope we do not put anywhere on the outside of the package.


When a ultrasound comes in the mail how will it look because I'm playing a joke on my mom and she always gets the mail before me and I wanted to make sure it didn't say on the mail
Date: 8.22.2014
Author: anica duke

Reply: Hello we have tried to resend the picture to you we are waiting to hear back for a different email address, Some email like yahoo have blocked our emails pictures so we would like to try a different email and see if you will get it that way.


I ordered the digital copy of the sonogram to be sent to my email, BUT it is not showing up in the email, although it says my order is complete.... please resend or refund my money
Date: 8.21.2014
Author: Vanessa

Reply: Hello,
Your email should get to you a soon as your order is done being processed which can sometimes take up to 24 hours if we have a lot of orders. As far as the shipping goes it completely depends on what shipping you've selected, Free shipping can take 3 to 7 days, priority take 2 to 3 and express takes 1 to 2 days.


I was just wondering how long it takes for the ultra sound picture to get sent to my email account ?
and also how long it will take for it to be shipped to my house.
Date: 8.20.2014
Author: Vanessa

Reply: Hello,
We're sorry we just did a test and we didn't have issues ordering on our end, maybe it was a computer glitch.
There should be no issue with what card you are paying with.


I tried to make a purchase but it didn't allow me to proceed and a message popped up where the term & agreements box is and said that i had to check if I did everything right on the highlighted part , which I did. I read it & clicked agree.
I was wondering if maybe the reason it won't allow me to process it is because I was trying to pay with a debit Visa card ?
Date: 8.20.2014
Author: Sharon

Reply: Hello,
It our ultra sounds do not have the company name on them anywhere.


I wanted to know where does it say fakes on it and do you do the so is smaller
Date: 8.18.2014
Author: Patty C.

Sorry to hear this we haven't had any issues getting other orders, we're not sure what the issue is.

Maybe you should try a different browser or a different computer if you have one available.


I have tried to submit a giant crossword puzzle 4 times on 4 separate days, and each time it fails when I try to pay. It says "Shopping Cart Temporarily Out of Service." I am using Google Chrome; I don't think it's a problem with the browser. It does not get to the point where I can enter credit card information. Is this a problem that others are experiencing? Will it be fixed soon?
Thank you,
Date: 8.17.2014
Author: Michelle Bourland

It should only take a few hours to receive the email however, we sometimes have a lot of orders so it might take longer.
Also a lot of different emails will direct our messages to spam or just block them in general, if you do not receive your email please let us know so we can try and send it to a different email to get it to you!


I placed an email order and it did not give me an order number, my card has been charged.... Can you tell me how long it takes to receive the email?
Date: 8.13.2014
Author: Mrs Joy

Reply: Hello,
We do have the 4 week single baby ultra sound available it should give you the option to select it on the website.


Hello I'm trying to see if you have a 4-5 week 2d ultra sound available just a single no twins.
Date: 8.11.2014
Author: Tracy Vincent

Reply:Hello, Sorry for the late reply.
You ordered email express only so you will only receive an email delivery. there will no be anything mailed to you.


Good morning, apparently my order was supposed to be email to me not mail at my job. Please email me back please ... I would highly appreciated you guys. ORDER #22339
Date: 8.7.2014
Author: chelsea

Reply:Hello, Sorry for the late reply.
For the Express Email version, you can only add your name, no other fields are changeable. If you want to really customize your ultrasound and receive it by email you must choose one of the other Fake Ultrasounds we offer.


I was ordering the$ 9.95 ultrasound. But I was wondering if the current date would 've on there
Date: 7.16.2014
Author: Nikki

Reply: Hello,
Sorry we are working on getting those back on the website, keep an eye out they'll be back soon!


I went to your website today to place an order & the "GE" & "PHILIPS" Ultrasounds/Sonograms that I saw Just a Few Days Ago Were Both Gone?! What Happened to Them?! & Will You Please Bring Them Back So That I Can Place An Order?! Please Respond By E-mail!
Thank You!!
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