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Question and Answer Archives #1 (10-17-2007 to 6-13-2008)



TrixiePixieGraphics Public Support Forum

csGuest by
Customer Service
Post Message Customer Service :: 1846 Entries - Page 1 of 37 Bold Entries new since last visit.
Date: 7.18.2016
Author: mazie taplin


What lol??

Fake pregnancy test

one I haven't received and when I try loging in it doesn't let me ive reset password and still noithing I received email saying update of shipping since 6th but only received email part not test with seals ive even received email to review but I got noithing to reveiw
Date: 7.18.2016
Author: Dedra


Yes we can make any design you want! And yes we ship to po boxes.


Hello , I'm not sure if my other message went through. Are y'all able to deliver to a p.o box? I also do see a sonogram option for 10-12 weeks twins. Help please.
Date: 7.17.2016
Author: Cadrea


Yes you can!

Fake pregnancy products

Hello i was wondering if I'm able to get my items delivered to my p.o box
Date: 7.17.2016
Author: Fatima


It depends on which custom sonogram you choose. Pleas ereview the entire fakeababy website.

Fake moon bump.

Hey I would like to buy and email only version of a scan. How
Much is that?
Date: 7.15.2016
Author: Belle j

Reply: Nope!


When I order the ultrasounds or sonographs, will the pictures have "copyright of fakeababy" on it? Or any trace that I bought it from a fake pregnancy site?
Date: 7.15.2016
Author: Nik


No problem, enjoy your order of fake custom newspapers!

Hello again. I forgot to include that I was trying to place an order for custom newspapers (I only needed pages 1 and 4 done according to my artwork). Thanks again.
Date: 7.14.2016
Author: Nik


Its some kind o issue with sending us photos from certain software. Try sainv it into different formats from different software. Thanks!

Custom newspaper

After creating an account I proceeded with uploading the art work as to complete my order. I followed your instructions but both attempts ended with the following message: The image file you uploaded is invalid. Here are the specs on the 2 images done in Photoshop which were attempted to be uploaded:
Format: jpeg
Image option selection are 12-maximum with
baseline standard @ 3.7 mb
Dimensions 2025x3525 pixels
150 dpi
depth 24 bit
Love your products.
In advance, thank you for your assistance.

Date: 7.11.2016
Author: Jo King

I went through the forum to see if the questions I have were answered and some were but some werent. The ones that were werent as clear as I would like them so I decided to email.

1. The Hologram Medodine Labs Certified Results is it the same on each one? Or does it change depending on the information you place in the hospital or clinic name?

2. The For entertainment purposes only which you state appears above and below the sonogram photos is it very visible (is the font small, transparent, bold, etc)

3. What is actually on the mailed package from you guys? (I understand it doesnt say the name of the website but what does it say? (I would like to receive my package at my job.)

4. Do you offer the twin sonogram on the digital 2D ultrasound Fast EMAIL ONLY delivery EXPRESS option? If so, can you do twins at 10-14 weeks or more as you offer it for triplets?

5. Also can you show the sex of twins as triplets as being different?

6. When placing the order do you put the additional information that there is not a selection for in the comment sections; such as twins, 1 girl, 1 boy or triplets, 2 boys, 1 girl? Where would that information go, since there is no option at this time to select?

Im asking if these things can be done without paying for the expensive customizable option that you offer.

Could you please tell me how to enter the order with the default options you have available? I am probably gonna go for the email option depending on your answer to the questions I have provided.

Date: 7.11.2016
Author: E

REPLY: Hello - Your order has been emailed again. Please let us know if you still have not received it. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, I've still had no reply
Date: 7.11.2016
Author: E

REPLY: It was emailed earlier today. Thanks!


When can I expect the email I ordered last night?
Date: 7.7.2016
Author: Tracie



Fake Ultrasounds Yes the 7-8 twins in seperate sacs will do. Could you resend my order physically and digitally asap please. Thanks
Date: 7.7.2016
Author: e


Hello - Order 53240 has been processed. It has been emailed and also shipped. Thanks!

Hi, the order did go through as I've been charged, can someone email me to discuss?
Date: 7.7.2016
Author: E

Hello - We see some of your customer details in the system, but your order did not go through. When your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with the order #. Thanks.

Hi , I placed an order a day or so ago , but still haven't received anything, it was email only
Date: 7.6.2016
Author: Tracie


Sorry about that error! We currently only have 7-8wk twins in separate sacs. Will that work?


Also i forgot to mention they were supposed to be identicle twins in the same sac.
Date: 7.6.2016
Author: Tracie

I ordered 7-8 weeks normal glossy sonogram of twins. I just got the digital delivery and there is only on baby in he sonogram which means you guys put 7-8 week baby and i wanted twins. Could you please fix that asap and resend the correct order. Physical and digital. Thanks.
Date: 7.5.2016
Author: Candice

Hi - Yes, we can change your order to 2d. Thanks.


I ordered a 3d instead of a2d. Can it be changed?
Date: 7.5.2016
Author: Michelle


What is your order #?


I never recieved a tracking number in my emAil or junk mail just wondering where it could be
Date: 6.17.2016
Author: mj

REPLY: You actually selected only a single 4-6wk fetus. We'll go ahead change that to 4wk identical twins. Thanks.

Hi, I just placed an order. I want a sonogram of identical twins (in one sac) 4-6 weeks, I want to confirm that that's what I ordered. Also I payed the extra fee to have it delivered withing 24 hours, how can I track my order?
Date: 6.16.2016
Author: L

REPLY: You can type in the time next to date in the date box.

Where do I write the time of the ultrasound or do I put that with the date box and just write time next to it with the time. Can someone call
Date: 6.15.2016
Author: Faith keeton

REPLY: You chose the Do Not Mail option, therefore we have only emailed your order to you and you will not receive a physical copy in the mail. If you haven't received the email, we will gladly try to email it again. Thanks!

still have not received product I purchased
Date: 6.13.2016
Author: Gina

REPLY: If you order an email only fake ultrasound, you should receive it within 24 hours. If you order a physical copy to be shipped to you, you can purchase Express shipping that you should be delivered within 2 days.

How soon can I get an order for an ultrasound strip?

Date: 5.31.2016
Author: Cynthia

REPLY: Hello, if you can't find the version you need on our site, we can create the one you want. Please go to this page on our site: -can-choose-whatever-you-can-imagine-and-we-will-make-it/


Hi i need a twin sonogram on ultrasound paper for 14 week twins but i cant find the option.
Date: 5.20.2016
Author: Chantall Fazanaro

REPLY: Pode levar 7 dias para o Brasil com Envio Global Express. (i hope that's the correct translation.)


Ol gostaria de saber em quanto tempo chega depois que eu fizer o pedido
Date: 5.20.2016
Author: Corina sanchez

REPLY: Not sure what you mean by legit. These are fake ultrasound products for jokes and pranks. You don't need to put anything in Father's Name, if you don't want to. Thanks!

I had a question? Are these legit? And also if I customize it can I take the part off that says "fathers name"?
Date: 5.7.2016
Author: Sam

REPLY : Yes, For Entertainment Purposes Only is printed in the border of the fake sonograms.

Will it say.for entertainment only on the sonogram
Date: 5.5.2016
Author: Sammie


No it will Not.

Fake ultrasound

When I order from fake.ultrasound website. Will it say anything on the sonogram about where it came from? Or on the package about where it comes from.

Date: 4.24.2016
Author: Tyne

Reply: Hi - We'll have that corrected! Thanks.

I have ordered a from fake I have put the wrong postcode my correct postcode is SE13 7TR my name is Tyne Robinson please could you correct this asap so my delivery can be posted to the correct address thank you
Date: 4.22.2016
Author: Ashley Hale

Hi - No, the logo is not on the package shipment label. Thx!

When order comes will it have the fake a baby logo on the package Cuz if so it would be pointless.
Date: 4.21.2016
Author: JaNae

REPLY - Sorry for the delayed reply but you should've received your order on 4/21/16. Thanks!

I order something a few days ago
I sill haven't received anything in the mail or a confirmation in my email.
Date: 4.16.2016
Author: Jess

Reply: Hello, No we do not put Fakeababy anywhere on the outside of our packages.


When you mail these out, does it have your company name on the outside? Because that ruins the joke if we live with them.
DNA tests
Date: 4.14.2016
Author: Porsha

Reply: Hello we have sent you an email regarding your order. Please contact us there


I never received my confirmation email with my tracking number nor did I receive my images . Where are they ?! The money was withdrawn from my account so where is my images ?
Fake Ultrasound
Date: 4.14.2016
Author: Rashonda hall

Reply: Hell, your order was shipped out on the 11th Free shipping takes 3 to 7 business days for your package to get to you. Thank you!


I had ordered something online at a couple days ago and in my email it said it was shipped, I was wondering how long would it take for me to receive it?
Date: 3.31.2016
Author: Dianna

Reply: Hello if you click the fallowing link and then click the main product page photo you will be able to browse through all the different GA options we offer -3/


What exactly does the fake 11_12 week ultrasound look like
Date: 3.24.2016
Author: Rebel

Hello, if you have the rights to the photo you provide then we will print it for you. you can email us the pictures at


I'm wondering just how personalized the "you can dream it we can do it" sonogram can be. Is it possible to submit our own image for the sono and not use a fakeababy image?
Best Prank Ever!
Date: 3.22.2016
Author: Nichelle Talley

Reply: Hello, Your email order will be emailed to you within the next couple hours as soon as its done being made. It can take up to 24 hours or 72 hours if you order over the weekend.


I haven't recieved my confirmation email. How long does that normally take? And how long does it take for the ultrasounds to be emailed to me ?
April Fools Prank
Date: 3.22.2016
Author: blade

Reply: Hello, yes we can make custom documents for you its $59.99. Please email us at to set up the order.


hello, do you send also german pregnancy documents?
thanky you
fake Belly
Date: 3.21.2016
Author: lashifha

Reply:Hello, Your email order will be emailed to you within the next couple hours as soon as its done being made. It can take up to 24 hours or 72 hours if you order over the weekend.


Will I receive ultrasound through email
Fake Pregnancy document
Date: 3.21.2016
Author: sheikws

Reply: Hello it will show as


Hi. How does your company name appear on my bank or credit statement?
Date: 3.16.2016
Author: Jay

Reply: Date: 3.16.2016
Author: Jay
Name (normally hidden): Jamie mierkowski
Phone (normally hidden): 5855206912
Order # (normally hidden): 49358
City or Town (normally hidden): Hubert

Reply:Hello, Your email order will be emailed to you within the next couple hours as soon as its done being made. It can take up to 24 hours or 72 hours if you order over the weekend.


Why haven't I received my email ultrasound I bought today?
Date: 3.16.2016
Author: Jay

Reply:Hello, Your email order will be emailed to you within the next couple hours as soon as its done being made. It can take up to 24 hours or 72 hours if you order over the weekend.


Hey just wondering since I bought the package with it being emailed to me also. How long does that normally take? I understand the mail takes a couple days but what about the email
Fake Pregnancy
Date: 3.14.2016
Author: Tori

Reply: Hello, do you meant he date of the ultrasound? for you order you put in 03/18/2016 is that not correct?


What to do if they send the wrong dates for it
Fake sonogram
Date: 3.12.2016
Author: Jennifer Hedge

Reply: Hello, Please check your email we have sent you a message to figure out what you would like to changed.


I was trying to change the some information on the ultrasound.
Fake Pregnancy Test
Date: 3.7.2016
Author: Diana calvillo

Reply:Hello, Your order is complete and we emailed it out. Have you checked you trash and spam folders? Do you have another email address we can resend it to? Also, please do not use Yahoo email, as they block images in emails. Let us know if you still cannot find your order. Thanks for writing in!


I ordered fake pregnancy papers and to be sent to my email at and I have not gotten a copy of the papers.
Fake Sonograms
Date: 3.7.2016
Author: Sarah

Reply: Hello, Your order is complete and we emailed it out. Have you checked you trash and spam folders? Do you have another email address we can resend it to? Also, please do not use Yahoo email, as they block images in emails. Let us know if you still cannot find your order. Thanks for writing in!


When will I receive my email of my fake ultrasounds?
Date: 3.7.2016
Author: Jasman

Reply: Hello, the display pictures show exactly what your documents will look like except with your information instead of the example. We don't print anywhere on the documents and tracking is provided with priority and Express orders you will receive an email with the tracking number once your order has shipped.


When I order my documents can I see them before I order them? Will the logo be on the ultrasound? When can I see my tracking number?
Fake pregnancy boobs.
Date: 3.2.2016
Author: Ashley

Reply: Hello, "For entertainment purposes only" is printed below and above the sonogram photos.


Where is the "for novelty" printed on the ultrasounds?
Fake Ultrasounds
Date: 2.26.2016
Author: Melissa Broskey

Reply: Hello,

If you got an error message when you were trying to place your order at any point the transaction will be declined. Your bank then holds those funds, not us. It usually takes a few business days for them to release it back to you. Please contact your credit card bank for more information.

Thank you.


Order # 48570 it shows i got charged twice. I only got one order number but show two charges on my account? Please advise? I'm very upset about this.
Date: 2.26.2016
Author: Jane

Reply: Hello, you selected "Do NOT Mail My Documents. Email Them to Me! (DO NOT Use Yahoo Email Address)" as your shipping option for you order so nothing was mailed to you. was this a mistake?


Ordered Feb 22, 2016. the money has beeen processed and taken out of my bank acct but, i've yet to recieve any tracking number or updates on my order. Did I just get screwed out of my money?
Fake pregnancy test
Date: 2.24.2016
Author: eva

Reply:Yes. We are a real website. is there a problem with your order?


is this a legitimate web site? or have i been screwed out of my money?
Best Prank ever
Date: 2.24.2016
Author: anais

Reply: Hello, your tracking information shows that they have tried to deliver the package but you haven't been there to receive it. Please contact your post office for further questions, they will try to deliver it again.



I ordered articles on your website several weeks ago and I still received nothing. Is it normal?
I received an e mail with : Shipment Tracking Numbers / Links
EC573779237US (USPS Global Express RUSH)

Thank you
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