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Personalized Fake and Joke Newspapers and Personalized Newspapers and Personalized Headlines for Gags and Gifts, Birthdays, Movies and Plays, Advertising, Publicity Stunts, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Stag Parties, Corporate Recognition, Awards, Thank You's, Revenge, Make a Point, Birth and Death Announcements, Wedding and Marriage Announcements, Practical Jokes, Cerebral Terrorism, Personalized Birthday Gags, Gifts. Fake Newspapers available in Small (pocket clipping) size, Full single page, Whole newspaper, Giant Poster, and Tabloid (by special request)



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Fake Certificates - Custom Gift Wrapping Paper - Huge Banners - Old West Wanted Posters - Crossword Puzzles
Book Binding - Personalized Books - Fake Obituaries - Fake Prescriptions - FakeUltrasounds

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Our Websites Feature Exclusive and Copywrited Artwork

None of Our Products are Duplicated

We Provide One of a Kind Originals Created by Our Paid Artists

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Writers Wanted! Poets and Poetry Wanted!
Short stories, book chapters, editorials, corporate publications

Complete Fake Magazines

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Are these just fake magazine covers?
Of course not. This is an entire magazine!

Add a touch of elegance to your office. For law firms, physicians, hair salons; Clients learn about your business and the services you offer, your successes, highlights, promotions and background.

Present short stories and book chapters in a way that says class...

Make a political statement that speaks loudly and hits hard.

Can you possibly imagine a more memorable resume?

Highlight your innermost thoughts and dreams.

Sample cover used when you want to display a portrait (use your own image)
Entire Fake Magazines

What the heck is this?
It's the ultimate form of recognition.

One of dozens of magazine covers to choose from
Entire Fake Magazine

Browse our covers (below) by clicking the thumbnails.
Artwork, layout and filler pages subject to change without notice

Fake Magazine Cover 1

Cover 1 Default
(Use your own portrait)

Cover 2- Terrorist Hunting License

Cover 2 Terrorist
Hunting License

Cover 3- Ferret Face

Cover 3
Ferret Face-1

Cover 8- Magician

Cover 8
The Magician

Cover 4- White Cat

Cover 4
White Cat

Cover 5- Lake Hand

Cover 5
Lake Hand

Cover 12- Adventure (green)

Cover 12
Adventure (green)

Cover 10- Monorail Stoppee

Cover 10
Monorail Stoppee

Cover 11- Adventure (Orange)

Cover 11
Adventure (orange)

Cover 9 - King Of Swords

Cover 9
King of Swords

Cover 7- Plastic Policeman

Cover 7
Plastic Policeman

Cover 6- Human Tiger

Cover 6
Human Tiger

Cover 48- Moon Ship

Cover 48
Moon Ship

Cover 47- Speedo Man

Cover 47

Cover 45- Drugs

Cover 45

Cover 43- Religion

Cover 43

Cover 46- Apartment Living

Cover 46
Apartment Living

Cover 42- Green Jet

Cover 42
Green jet

Cover 40- Red Devil

Cover 40
Red Devil

Cover 38- Coward In Cave

Cover 38
Coward in Cave

Cover 36- Sand

Cover 36

Cover 44- Bears

Cover 44

Cover 39- Monorail Wheelchair

Cover 39
Monorail Wheelchair

Cover 35- Mother Moon

Cover 35
Mother Moon

Cover 41- Philosophy-1

Cover 41

Cover 37- Safe to Fly

Cover 37
Safe to Fly

Cover 30- Road Rage

Cover 30
Road Rage

Cover 33- Horse Face

Cover 33
Horse Face

Cover 32- Ferret Face 3

Cover 32
Ferret Face-3

Cover 31- Modern Marble Art

Cover 31
Modern Marble Art

Cover 29- Terrorist Demands

Cover 29
Terrorist Demands

Cover 27- Ferret Face 2

Cover 27
Ferret Face-2

Cover 26- Bye Bye Osama

Cover 28
Bye Bye Osama

Cover 26- New Political Map

Cover 26
New Political Map

Cover 23- I Ben Huntin'

Cover 23
I Ben Huntin'

Cover 25- Space Needle Flag

Cover 25
Space Needle Flag

Cover 34- Face

Cover 34

Cover 24- Bad Owl

Cover 24
Bad Owl

Cover 21- Your Speed

Cover 21
Your Speed

Cover 19- Orange Fish

Cover 19
Orange Fish

Cover 18- Girl In Clouds

Cover 18
Girl in Clouds

Cover 20- Big Ape Man

Cover 20
Big Ape Man

Cover 17- Yellow Fish

Cover 17
Yellow Fish

Cover 15- Pink Fish

Cover 15
Pink Fish

Cover 16- Multi Color Fish

Cover 16
Multi-Color Fish

Cover 22- Little Ape Man

Cover 22
Little Ape Man

Cover 13- Monorail Harley

Cover 13
Monorail Harley

Cover 14- Nuke Al Quaeda

Cover 14
Nuke Al Quaeda

Don't see what you need? Design your own from scratch! (click for info)

"Customer-supplied" Fake Magazine Covers
Sample of "customer-supplied" covers

Commemorate your Father's life, your husband's career, your child's achievements, an employee's dedication over the span of a career, or your own success.

Personalized Full Color Magazine- Inside

Supply your own cover picture if desired---otherwise choose one of ours. 66 page, full color magazine.
Filler pages subject to change).

Personalized Full Color Magazine

We'll place and arrange your feature story.
It may be about anything at all.

Personalized Magazine Complete with References and Page Numbers

Your material is integrated seamlessly into the magazine, complete with references and page numbers in the contents.

Personalized Magazine with Real Ads

Personalized Magazine with Your Own Articles

The remainder of the magazine is filled with advertisements, and other stories of a varied and eclectic nature.

Personalized Full Color Magazine Article

Change the magazine title to suit. Change the entire cover. Publish a story up to 3500 words with images.

Personalized Magazine Ad

If you're looking for the ultimate roast, gag or honorary product, this is it. Our fake newspapers are cool. But this is the top of the line.

Personalized Magazine- Perfect Gag Gift

Use it for employee retirement, club-member appreciation, or to honor an old friend, co-worker or relative.

Personalized Magazine Ships within 5-7 Days

Your magazine will usually ship within about 5-7 days.

Message: I just received my order today and it turned out awesome! I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. I ordered the fake magazine and I was pleasantly surprised when it came with a a glossy cover and pages for the articles inside. I assumed that it wouldn't be, but it just goes to show that you guys go the extra mile to make it look like the real thing. Thanks again
Bob Hurlbut,

Detailed info: What things can I change?

Item No. FM-01 

You may specify "RUSH" shipping for this item, which will cause your order to be shipped via Next Day Air service, but please understand this item may not ship out for several days after we receive the order.