Roast 'em long and Roast 'em hot. Roast 'em slow, or in a pot.
Roast 'em 'till they scream and kick. Roast 'em turning on a stick.
Roast 'em on a red-hot grill; Roast 'em on a rocky hill.
Roast 'em in a big ol' pile; Roast 'em with a little style.
(Smile -- you'll live 34% longer. -Assuming you want to!)

Personalized Videos -- Bloopers

This flash video is about 27 minutes in length. You'll need a strong, reliable broadband connection to view it. If you experience starts and stops, walk away until it has run its course to the end. Then, without back-paging or going to any other page first, click the play icon again. It should now play smoothly from beginning to end because the hard work of downloading has already been done, and your computer can now read the file directly from cache, without relying on your internet connection. Blooper clips like this also appear on your personalized DVD after the credit roll.