Roast 'em long and Roast 'em hot. Roast 'em slow, or in a pot.
Roast 'em 'till they scream and kick. Roast 'em turning on a stick.
Roast 'em on a red-hot grill; Roast 'em on a rocky hill.
Roast 'em in a big ol' pile; Roast 'em with a little style.
(Smile -- you'll live 34% longer. -Assuming you want to!)

Personalized Videos -- About the DVDs

Each personalized fake news broadcast is burned to a standard DVD-R, set for regular TV screens at 720x480.

It would be exceedingly rare, but still possible, that you could own a very old DVD player which cannot read a DVD-R disc.

It is the customer's responsibility to be sure their players can play a standard DVD-R. Again, it would be exceedingly rare to find one of those old players still in use in 2007.

The DVDs do NOT have menus -- they are set up for "instant play" (no confusion, no possibility of menu-glitches).

Some DVDs have DVD markers embedded which will allow the user to click their player's remote to jump forward to various points in the video. These are generally placed at about one minute before the newsbreak, and again at the credit roll, and sometimes again at the beginning of the blooper sequence at the very end of the credit roll.

There is a 10 minute lead-in, which should be used to get your audience settled.
There is a two-fou
r minute lead-out after the news broadcast.

All DVDs are subject to possible slight differences from the videos shown online. This is because we are constantly polishing all sequences. Since each order requires that we go into the system and edit each sequence, this makes it easy to notice tiny items we may wish to change, correct or upgrade. For instance, we might discover a bit of "essing" in the audio track that was missed during the normal post production -- in that case we'll clean it up and the next DVD to go out will have a slightly cleaner audio track. Or we may change the filler content (the 10 minutes preceeding and few minutes after the newsbreak). We may notice that we don't care for the color correction on a particular snippet. Or we may change the timing of the image popups, the pitch of the actor's voice, the intro, etc. These clips will always be works in progress. The one thing that will not be different on your DVD from the posted clips are the performances themselves and the scripts.

This is a personalized product that cannot be restocked or re-used. We do not accept returns.

Our products are protected by International Copyright law (yes, even in the UK) and we will prosecute every single violation, no matter how seemingly insignificant. We offer a standing $500 reward for information leading to the successful prosecution of any individual or group of individuals who violate our copyright. We offer a standing $2500 reward for any information leading to the successful prosecution of any copyright infringement for commercial profit. We've endured all we're going to with regard to copycats. Contact us here.