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Shooting Targets
Personalize with the Image of Your Choice

Targets measure about 27 x 27 inches. Printed on newsprint.
Supply any image. We'll cut it out and composite under the target rings.
Price for first target is $22.95. Additional targets are less.

Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Pat Paulsen, Martha Stewart, Pee Wee Herman, Osama bin Laden, that Saddam guy, your mother-in-law, your teacher (oops, wasn't THAT politically incorrect!), your ex, your ex's poodle, your ex's cat (our favorite), your landlord, that "special co-worker", Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob's ferret, the neighborhood child molester, the punk who races up and down your street visiting his girlfriend, the possibilities are unlimited. We might suggest you mail one to someone who's been giving you a particularly hard time!

Can be used as a target for pistol, handgun, rifle, shotgun, air gun, BB gun, pellet gun, darts, blow-gun, paintball, slingshot, long bow, cross-bow, pumpkin cannon (pumpkin chucker), RPG, laser, catapult, potato gun, water balloon launcher, etc.

We'll cut out the image of your choice (remove all background and surrounding stuff) and composite the image into the target behind the rings (as shown in the examples below). Sorry, the images below are not available for sale.

Need an image? Try HERE (opens a new window)
Please try to use .jpg images only (not .gifs)
No Copyrighted or Trademarked images, please.
(send to us at the end of the ordering process--use the largest possible image)

Personalized Barney Shooting Target

Personalized Santa Shooting Target

Personalized Saddam Shooting Target

Personalized Bill Shooting Target

We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc..
FC-40, "Personalized Shooting Targets" generally ships within 1-2 days.
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Volume Discounts, Quantities:

$22.95 (one target)

Additional copies = $7.50 each
Place your order normally, specifying a quantity of "1" for each unique
target. If you need additional targets of the same image, CONTACT us
and tell us how many copies you'd like of each image. We'll manually
add that amount to your card.

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